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"I suppose we should move out, then, and set off for Lindaren. I agree with you, Athra," she continued, "that the sooner we move, the better. The Fates only know how sick I am of this forest already! 'Veiled,' indeed! One needs eyes in the back of one's head in order to spot all the hidden creatures and ferocious beasts that are lurking around the corner! Also," she said, a cloud of doubt and suspicion cloaking her own blue eyes, "I suspect Faren has soldiers working for him who are going to be hunting people like us when they're not hunting mages." She shook her head. "Honestly. I don't understand why he thinks that other types of mages besides Healers are wicked. Inceptors? Perhaps, if they use their powers to control others' minds in order to increase their own power. However, Elementalists? I don't really see the connection between their magick and evil."


"Are you sure this is the place?" asked Dama. "The Elementalists' hideout?"

"Aye. Mages hole themselves up in some drafty old tower like rabbits burrow deep into the ground whenever they're frightened. It's an instinct with them. If you look closely, you can even see sooty bricks and remains of hoarfrost near the highest windows. Those are fresh hallmarks of their sorcery, for sure. Hopefully, we'll catch them practicing, and then all four of us can be eyewitnesses to the fact that they all need to be burned at the stake--in the Creator's name, of course," he added. "We sneak in as quietly as possible and then storm the main halls."

"But, what if it's empty?" asked Lad'ya. "Won't that have been a waste?"

"Silence! If it's empty, then we'll just move on. However, we have to try and investigate. If we don't, then we'll be betraying our Master and King."

The other three out of the Four nodded and moved in closer to the tower.

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