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Originally Posted by Inyri View Post
So... you're basically saying because he can't tell a difference that he has poor eyesight? Thirty FPS is seriously not so bad. Maybe you should gain perspective rather than perceptiveness. I've played games successfully at 10fps (and less) without complaint. I don't think it's worth an entire petition (which, by the way, will have no effect on the game because petitions on gaming forums mean nothing) for something that is for all intents and purposes not necessary. Aren't there more important things to concern ourselves with, as gamers and consumers? Like content quality?
Yes I've played games at low fps because I had no choice, when I was a kid and couldn't afford to build high end computers. That's besides the point though, doesn't mean it was my preference, and it wasn't forced on me by developers, it was my own fault for being a kid and not having money. It's different when you have to endure low fps because the developer was too lazy to make a proper port.

And online petitions do work in many cases so long as the request isn't ridiculous. There are many companies that care about player feedback and fix things as appropriate. For example when World of Warcraft came out it didn't support quad cores, they patched it and now it does, Bioshock had a resolution aspect ratio problem at launch and they patched it, Darksiders on 360 had horrible screen tearing and they patched it to fix this. So lucas arts has no excuse.

I'm not asking them to add 20 levels to the game, I'm asking them to just remove the 30 fps cap, it's like the most simple request possible. You act like I'm making some huge unreasonable request. I'm sure someone higher up could force the devs to get this changed at the flick of a finger, they just don't care.

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