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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
I suspect that it won't be long before we see a dual-GF104 card.
Surely nothing will hit the market until the move to a 28nm process is completed - otherwise the thing will run way too hot?!!

... pcie-3 specs are amazing - if only pc gaming devs could code with such things in mind - sadly pc games are still being made targeting single core performance and factoring in lower end kit.

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In other news:

*The Net Neutrality debate has reared its ugly head again, with Google and Verizon musing on creating premium internet services for the well moneyed, and potentially leaving others out in the cold. I know a lot of people are jumping up and down about it but the details are far from confirmed, so its impact on the average user is nothing more than speculation at this point.

*Good news for Canadian x360 owners, who can now officially use their console as an IP TV device. We'll be getting something similar here in Oz later this year too. Not sure what is happening with it in the US.

*No one was surprised, but Google Wave officially pronounced as dead. Features will be rolled into existing services, which is how they should have done it in the first place

*NPD and an number of other number crunchers have been recently affirming that Android is now the Highest selling smartphone OS in the US. No surprises really, and Apples ongoing Antenna debacle didn't hurt android either


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