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This is an interesting project, and I see it has a lot of retcon value. As many I always wanted to see the post-attack Dantooine. I'm also confident with this having Logan being part of team.

I wrote some similar project some time ago, which linked destroyed Dantooine with destroyed Taris, but as it had a huge scope I forget about it, so it's good to read you'll work first on the basics to make this mod exists and to really happen.

I suggest to make Kni to appear here: would be funny having him surviving another world massacre.
I also see nobody says anything about Belaya, I think some mention about her surviving or not the attack or appearance (if she did not passed to the Dark Side) should be considered.
If you make some other known character to appear, I think some re-skining would help, for example have Deesra losing an eye or some implants because of the attack....
You think it would be possible to see the Temple as we see it in TSL? With all the holes on the building, I mean.

Good luck with this guys.

What an amusing specimen of Jedi you are.

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