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Republic Commando Vs Imperial Commando

Ok, so, i was never a great fan of the saga (but i saw all the movies and play most of the first star wars games). I have to admit that the saga has a great story (games, movies, etc...) but just recent i realize that have books that continue the Republic commando saga.
Well, i'm from Brasil, so the book don't came here translated, although i saw some of them for selling in english, and looks very intersting. But then i heard about that imperial commando. Is this the "boss" squadron (fixer,sev and scorch), or are others? I saw something about Omega Squadron. Is the same clones?

I'm very interested in the books, but for be imported, the price isn't cheap u.u

I just hope they don't try to put the great republic commandos in second place u.u

Ah, sorry for my rusty english.

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