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Hachachachacha! Its Dexterspet here. Im always the joking around life of the party kind of guy. I love cracking jokes and this is my first post of what I assume will be many. I wanna say it's an honor to be part of such a community as this. Im young but not too young and I am a HUGE fan of Monkey Island and Star Wars. I have blue eyes and enjoy my 360 very much. I tend to typo a lot because my computer has weird messed up keys. Just the more reason to proofread everything I type. Also, I think that walkthroughs are wrong, mostly because once I complete a game, I never forget anything about it, so I think walkthroughs are stupid. But I know that is a stupid statement, because I used a walkthrough for some very obscure puzzles, or ones that are just really out of my league. (Like giving "how to get A-Head in navigating" to the cannibals....Har har har Lucasarts....) I also tend to rant/go on tangents a lot when I type for no explicit reason. Well, I think i've typed quite enough. I'll be happy to talk to anyone reading this in the near future on a hopefully more interesting topic.

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