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Download link:


Just drop this file into your base folder OR if you play ja+ put it into japlus folder then.
(JediAcademy/GameData/base folder or JediAcademy/GameData/japlus folder

Mostly me, also Anarchy for doing some graphics works (splash, etc.)
Beta testing: Shinja and Centaure aka Nemesis


- New HUD - Better and simple of course you can always use /cg_hudfiles 1
- New menus
- New menu music
- New duel music
- New loading screen
- New splash screen
- New chat icon
- New shield (when someone hits you, changed from green to white)
- Transparent console
- Transparent flags
- New force push/pull color (blue)
- New sky to FFA3 and better textures (High quality, doesn't lower FPS what me and others have seen.)
- Some other texture modifications for better quality (Desert,Hoth,t2_trip,Taspir,Yavin,)
- Some new force sounds (force push only)
- Some new weapon sounds, better ones for some guns.
- New Scope for Dispruptor (and dispruptor laser color changed
- New player sounds (eg. when you pick up health or shield, chat sound etc.)
- New CTF sounds (when you capture the flag, return the flag etc.)
- New fonts (Menu & in-game menu fonts)
- Modified some texts like "You killed" changed to "You fragged" etc.

And much more, enjoy or don't
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You can see some modifications from this video, BUT NOT ALL
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YouTube Video



JK Galaxies - Multiplayer Mod for JKA
Team Neon - JKA Team Since '06
Assembly - JK2 1.02 Clan

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