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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
I'm so geeking out right now.
Check out the back of the phone Jae

Apparently they were being shown off at Celebration V - not sure what the front looks like yet, but in the pic above at the back you can see another device that looks the same and has some chrome beveling on it.

I imagine it wont look hugely different from the standard droid 2. I'm not a fan of hardware keyboards myself, but they are great for gaming - you can even get a game gripper for the droid, which is pretty cool now that android has a nes/genesis/snes/gba and ps1 emulator. For those that prefer a touchscreen only droid, there is the DroidX(see a few posts back) or the HTC Desire, which comes out soon in the US as well.

Speaking of SW Geeky@Android - there is a cool looking adobeAIR app for android that simulates the XWing Targeting computer from ANH - you can use it to track 'distance to target' via GPS, or simply as a clock. Replete with R2 chirps and Red Squadron chatter....cant wait to check it out More info Here


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