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New version:

v0.6 beta:
- Python not required anymore.
- Piranha poodles freezing before eating the meat. (all versions)
- Navigator malfunctions. (all versions)
- Ghost key cloning. (all versions)
- Storekeeper walks through mid-air when shortening the first open safe cutscene early. (all versions)
- "Use pewter wad with ???" can cause an error if it disappears from inventory, but the command isn't executed yet, ie. Guybrush is still walking to the target object.
- Men of Low Moral Fiber missing text, timing, giggling, hitting and subtitling improved.
- Cast spelling. (original SE errors)
- Firework sounds working in the DOS version. Not during conversation, though, which is a limitation of native SCUMM V5.
- On the Sea Monkey, dripping water animation speed. (enhanced CD)
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