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New version:

- Converting CD audio and SE music tracks. (v0.6 beta)
- "Thanks" at Stan with wrong voice. (v0.5 beta)
- Picking up yellow flower not animated. (all versions)
- Yellow petal is green at Stan's (enhanced CD)
- Random swordfighting pirates have all the same colors (enhanced CD)
- Firework colors and lightning effect. (all VGA versions)
- Blue floor color in the kitchen door from the Scumm bar, despite the kitchen has a brown floor. (enhanced CD).
- Beat the swordmaster cheat re-implemented. Cheats are only available in debug mode.
- Safe sound not playing for every move. (ScummVM problem with the SE sound)
- Added sounds for Scumm Bar chef crying, LeChuck punching Guybrush and Stan, grog machine crash and shaking, monkeys eating bananas, monkey head key and monkey bride.
- Added ambient tracks for Melee Town and Monkey Island river.
- Added accentuation differences of right and wrong insult's replies.
- Debug keys on unfeasible combinations. (DOSbox defaults, ScummVM and even native SCUMM V5)
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