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Rani was not the greatest writer in the universe. Her spelling was mediocre at best and her grammar was misplaced about seven times out of ten. Her writing came out like her thoughts, including the occasional Spanish word. She knew that if her score was handed back on actual skill, it would be terrible. If someone cared to sift through all the mistakes, they would find exceptional content. Rani was an exceptional critical thinker, and proud of it, and so she chose the more challenging of the two questions presented to her and began typing away, contented.

Two seats over, Akeirra couldn't decide whether to feel insulted or completely unknown. There were two questions on her screen and it was evident to her that she was supposed to choose one to answer, but neither of them made much sense. Either they thought she understood their language better than she actually did, or they knew her shortcomings and didn't care.

Either way, she picked the choice that made the most sense and made use of as much of her limited vocabulary as she could. All she could do was hope for the best, that they would acknowledge her limited understanding of their language and admit her anyway with the condition that she work extra hard in her intensive English course, which she'd planned to do anyway.

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