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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
I don't think it's unfair for people to be upset when BioWare admitted that the PC version surpassed their expectations in terms of sales and then they go and say **** you to all those buyers.
Err didn't the 360 version of Dragon Age sell the most? That's what I heard.

Anyway, with Dragon Age 2 the Developers are going with the flow toward sales. Games are being primarily developed on the console now and later ported to the PC. RPGs are now no exception and focus more on graphics and "addictive gameplay" then depth or characters.

EDIT: Has anyone seen the new trailer?

It reminds me of the original's Sacred Ashes trailer. Except I still find the disembodied "Kreia"-like voice talking about destiny a real mood killer. Hawke is already reminding me of a mixture of Alistair and Morrigan, and I wouldn't be surprised if the morality system reflected this. If you were good you would be like Alistair giving roses, and if you were bad you would mention you hate weakness.

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