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Originally Posted by truJedi View Post
Why would they make the hero of the first one, a villin in the second
Where did you hear this? I've been following the news about DA2 ever since it was announced and this was never mentioned. What is known is that the new main character is a survivor from Lothering who fled Ferelden after Lothering's destruction.

Originally Posted by DeadYorick View Post
Isn't Flemeth dead though? Oh wait Morrigan said she "might return" and thats why you needed her Grimoir.
Nope, she isn't dead. And she has been confirmed to return in DA2. She has appeared in concept art, some screenshots and she's even in the trailer (and I don't mean just the voice ).

A lot of what I've heard and seen about this game so far, didn't sit well with me, but what I fear the most is that the length of the game will suffer at the hands of "more responsive combat" and "cinematic experience". Unfortunately that's something I won't know until I actually play the game, but I do hope I'm wrong.

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