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The female Sergeant glanced around at all the test-takers of Anatolian lineage. None of them seemed to be doing anything suspicious; they appeared perfectly quiet, diligent, and hard-working. However, as Tally had known all her life, looks could definitely be deceiving. Take herself: most who did not know her regarded her as a tall, blonde bimbo. What they didn't realize was that she could hit their solar plexus with one hand and make them triple over in pain.

She smiled, remembering the one time when she actually happened to do just that. A smart-mouth "greenie" one year had dared to give her a loud wolf-whistle and lick his lips, and within a matter of seconds, she had him on his knees bawling an apology. Nobody'd better crank MY voltage to high...

Suddenly, the ID number of another completed exam beeped into Tally's console. This is it. I happen to know that THIS greenie isn't what he seems. She sent a message to the offending student's console: Come here. Now.
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