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Originally Posted by MeddlingMonk View Post
Not if they're shedding workers and cutting back on outside contracts, if rumor is to be believed. Hard to see how they could do much of anything if that's actually their current strategy. 'Discharge the troops! Pay off the mercenaries! Onwards to victory!' Er...
I am not really speaking about their current state as a company. Some games have been developed in people's garages and become popular. I am mostly speaking on whether Grim Fandango 2 would have a story as good as Grim Fandango 1. Grim Fandango 1 set a very high bar and likely the sequel will not be anywhere near as good.

But it will be generally pleasing to see Lucasarts returning to one of their most loved franchises, like they did with Monkey Island.

EDIT: Also I cant believe I didnt notice before, but those articles are a little outdated. One of them is from 2007, and the other is on the back page of one advertising Kane and Lynch Dead Men, also released in 2007. So any rumors that Lucasarts is developing a sequel 3 years later might be simply myth right now.

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