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Things had been different for Shadow since the Harrowing. When he had been sent into the Fade he was befriended by a Pride Demon, only to realize who he was shortly before the end of his time in the Fade. He spent most of the trip believing his was a fellow apprentice who's death at the hands of the Templar and didn't want to see another soul condemned to the hell that was the Fade. Since that meeting the demon must have done something, for every time he closed his eyes and attempted to sleep, he heard the voice of his former guide and brief friend. The voice laughed at Shadow, taunted him and continuously branded him an apostate. He'd also wake in a gasp.

This night he crawled to a river, cupped his hands to collect enough water to splash against his face, all whilst telling himself "I am not an apostate."

Of course what he was telling himself was total crap. An apostate was a mage not with the Circle, but using that logic all the mages were apostates now thanks to the hero that was the mighty Grey Warden. Shadow was one of few lucky enough to escape the massacre that the Circle suffered at the hands of demons and the Templarís. Now all that remained of the once great order of Magic wielders was loose association of survivors calling themselves the Mages' Collective. It was why he was here in the middle of nowhere. In order of performing his Harrowing, he had to do a few quests for the group. One of their members had come out here to recruit of fellow apostates and hadn't come back. Shadow was sent to collect his magic staff.

Oh and him if he was still alive, but the main objective was to find his wand. Everything else was an added bonus however his staff was suppose to be pretty powerful compared to others and the leaders seemed more focused on equipment more than they didn't personnel which didn't sit well with Shadow. He believed Mages could have the power to help other throw the King that destroyed them however this collective seemed more interested in trinkets. Even the Apostates that had been aimed for recruitment were only selected because apparently they had some sort of magic invisible bracelet.

"Longer live the magic revoluton," Shadow muttered under his breath.

So no, Shadow didn't really believe in this new rebellion, but he felt better just being around fellow mages and now having to hide his robes, staff and enchanted objects every time he entered a town so he wouldn't run into any trouble or templarís, most of which were probably just itching to strike down a mage. As he grew more aware of the world around him, he found screams in the distance and the howls of Darkspawn. Taking up his staff, he wondered if he should investigate or let the poor sucker die an unpleasant and undignified death. He choose the first option. After all those screams could be from anyone, even the mage he was sent to rescue.

( I know we all seem to be converging onto this camp, so if it seems unrealistic or lazy then just say something and I'll have something intercept Shadows inbetween coming to help that'll keep him distracted for a while.)

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