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Jenna was not aware of what was going on. Rather she was concentrated on finding out and helping Perdante on what may be a magickal journey. She found herself in a swirl of fog indicating that she was in a subconscious. Jenna took a deep breath knowing that if she were to go further, she would need to be careful. Minds were personal and she couldn't force her way in unless the owner was willing though technically she could with Inception. Sighing, she looked around for an indication that Perdante was active in her mind. She saw her but it looked as if Perdante were lost herself.

Jenna wondered if this was a journey of sorts. It didn't matter though for she had to guide the way for Perdante but ultimately it was Perdante who made the decision. She strode up to Perdante and said, "Do not be frightened. There is a reason you are in this state and I will help you find a way.

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