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Another shock of blinding pain brought the Orlesian back to her senses: agony, and then relief. Apparently, the darkspawn champion had pulled her shoulder back into place...but why? Against her will, she found that tears were streaming down her bloodied cheeks. Impossible! Warriors don't weep, or at least they shouldn't. 'Ignore pain, incite battle, invoke death'. That is the unspoken yet all-known Berserker credo, plain and simple. I have shamed my kindred-in-arms through my surrendering, and my weakness. Not only had she failed her brothers and sisters in blood rage, but she had also failed her King. Yielding to a darkspawn? Whoever heard of such a disgrace? Either you slew them, or were slain by them. There was no other fate to be had if you encountered one of the diabolical fiends. Still, there was this one particular darkspawn...

"I--I'm still alive?" Perdante reassured herself that yes, indeed, she continued to inhabit the realm of the living, although she quivered on the cold ground and was unable to move at the moment. Her eyes caught the movement of a gargantuan shadow nearby: her vanquisher.

"Who are you?" she asked in a near-whisper, not knowing if he would reply.
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