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((THREADMASTER'S NOTE: This will end my long interaction sequence with "The Frail", and Perdy is going back to report to King Aedan about the darkspawn attack and the slaughter of her entire camp. Others may find her...!))

"For now," replied the soldier, filled with wonder and gratitude at The Frail's suggestion, "I must walk alone as I make my journey back to King Aedan's castle. If anyone sees you near me, they'll most likely attack you, and if we become seriously outnumbered..." She closed her eyes and then opened them again. "I hate to think of what would happen. However, is there...something of which I can remember you, or even contact you? The situation could get ugly if I tell King Aedan that I was the only survivor of the attack that slaughtered our entire camp. If I must flee for my life, and depart Denerim in disgrace, then I would be grateful for a stalwart ally. I won't mention you to His Majesty when I tell him what happened. Why would I, after all you've done for me, an enemy you've vanquished?" She smiled at him and stood up. "Thank you--for everything."
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