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Originally Posted by truJedi View Post
*Inject green fluid into truJedi*

Hush,'ll be allright.

OT: They did this the right way. There had been rumors about a Kotor 3 for years. Kotor 2 came out late 2004 and in 2008 LA announced the game. Perfect to keep 'The Old Republic' era alive (the comics about Zayne kept the era interesting too, and now that they have a good TOR comic..).

Plus, so early in development, fans can influence stuff.
Nagging about pringle-can sized lightsabers works. Nagging about how imba the Jedi and Sith could be helped too...Bioware has shown that, as a Jedi/Sith, you'll be a padawan, where as a Smuggler etc, you'll be a hero like the DK role in WoW.

The way LA handled TFU 2 is (imo) rubbish. Their site is literally 1 big marketing campaign, where the TOR site includes fan friday articles, comics, forums, artwork to comment on, etc.

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