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New Version:

v0.8 beta:
- The narrator is now available on CTRL-a.
- Talk color for the voodoo lady. (enhanced CD)
- The codewheel query now works as intended. (v0.5 beta)
- Mancomb's missing chair and blue scum. (all VGA versions)
- Cyan pixels in spinning Scumm Bar pirates. (all VGA versions)
- missing sign on the ghost ship deck. (all versions except EGA)
- Various costume regressions. (enhanced CD)
- Shaking animation of grog machine. (enhanced CD)
- LeChuck removing his sheriff costume has a cyan beard for a brief moment. (all VGA versions)
- downward flying LeChuck has flashing hands. (all VGA versions)
- line with missing voice at the Loom guy. (v0.5 beta)
- Lookout dialog. (v0.5 beta)
- Firework colors and lightning effect. (all VGA versions)
- Too bright costume palette in some rooms. (enhanced CD)
- Torch colors in jail. (enhanced CD)
- Lamp in mansion light color. (enhanced CD)
- Colored corner at the sign on the banana tree. (enhanced CD)
- Jolly Roger still visible on the mast after cooking. (all versions)
- Added additional notices for restored jokes to prevent misunderstandings.
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