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I had a rough idea for a story, it came to me in a dream a few weeks ago and I spent sometime last night piecing some bits together while listening to some Dark Tranquillity and Angra.

Brutal Legend and The Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son.

So yea taking some influnce from that masterpiece from Iron Maiden, anyway enough talk here it is, I don't have monster or anything just characters.

Peace regains in the world of Brütal Legend since Eddie defeated Doviculus however as is usually the case when peace lasts for as long as it does a dark force rises from the frozen wastes of the north as a dark tyrant comes to power crushing all those who stand in his way with ease and is seemingly invincible, he knows how the battle will go, what his enemies will do before he does it. How does he do this, with the help of the Seventh Son.

The SSOASS (something Harris?) will be a small frail man, mid 20s possibly, he is not evil but is instead an unwilling accomplish to the tyrant, he has the gift of the second sight and many other strange powers have yet to think of. But mostly like seeing through time, past, present, future sort of stuff.

His history is that he was born of a Seventh Son who fought along side Riggnarok in the Black Tear Rebellion along with the other Sons from the family of Harris and each of them were champions in Rebellion. However after the the war the Seven Sons settled down and had families of their own with the wife and had kids (one of them the father to Lars and Lita possibly, maybe?) but the Seventh Son for all that he and his wife tried to have a son but ever son died at birth, all but the Seventh Son although he was weakly and pathetic his parents still loved him as he was until they died (killed maybe dunno yet). Harris the SSOASS was friendly with Eddie and his crew but when they fell under attack from the warriors from the frozen wastes Harris was taken prisoner and then as I said is made to use his powers for the dark tyrant.

But yea thats pretty much it, how is it?

And yes! Yes that would be kin awesome Lordstevie for Dio as The Man On The Silver Mountain \m/ o \m/

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