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Krishna had noticed what Tally wanted to do and sent Give me the name before you send for him. Besides it's better if you have Cul remove him/her from the exam room. No need for disturbances.


Aruko had no idea what was going on at the front table but he had just managed to finish his essay on his question. He looked at it with a devil may care look and justified it by saying that it was a critical essay after all. He was training to become an officer and he needed to be able to think. He read his essay one more time and satisfied that he had done everything, he submitted it.

The confirmation light blinked saying that it was received. After that, he had no idea what he was to do next. He still had forty-five minutes before the end of the exam and yet he wasn't sure if he was to be excused or not. So he simply just sat there and tapped his stylus absentminded on the desk, looking with temptation to end the testing interface and look for a connection to the InfoNet. He then noticed a decal that was interesting and clicked on it. It was a library selection of materials to look at while he waited. He clicked on a volume of the Frontier Sieges and began to read.

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