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Odan's hand reached into a pocket and withdraw a small glass vial which housed a strange red liquid. He took a step forward and knelt infront of the young Orlesian maiden before stretching out his arm with the vial in hand. Odan pittied the young woman, loosing a group of friends and brothers in arms was a pain that Odan knew too well. For someone you knew and cared about to fighting alongside, covering your back and expecting to you do the same before disappear into the afterlife within a matter of seconds wasn't the easiest task to fully comprehend. "This should replenish you're strength in case your encounter the Darkmeld,"

"The giant man eating spider," Shadow interrupted before recieving the hard end of Odan's staff against his stomach, indication for Shadow to shut up.

"I'd recommend if you come across this creature, drink the potion and run for you life. This creature is a known killer and best left for the more experienced mage such as myself...and him," Odan told her, nodding his head toward Shadow who wasn't best pleased he had been referred to as a 'he' in such a manor.

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