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Interesting thought there... smoking is a privilege, but sex is a right.

GTA:SWcity: Is that in the Babylonian Talmud? Some citations/quotations would be helpful. Without passing judgment, I thought the whole widespread "Jewish" acceptance of abortion was based upon the idea that a human being doesn't become a life protected by God (since you lack belief in a "soul" as in traditional Christianity) until the infant takes its first unaided breath (which would create complications for people on breathing machines, I suppose), which would argue for permissibility partial birth abortion (until that first breath) too I suppose. But see, that's just what people have told me, I've never been shown any concrete citations of sacred texts, properly translated, etc. to back up the argument. Then there's the fact that most Jews today are either secular (Judaism is "cultural" not religious) or reform (liberal), meaning the "laws" don't have a whole lot of force with them as individuals, period.


Frankly, apart from some superstitious thought that the child of rape has no soul or something, I am not sure why "rape" needs to be an exception (since an abortion itself is a traumatic event, at least going by what many women have said, so it's not as if it somehow is "therapeutic" upon a rape). Abortion isn't like having a tick removed.

Adoption is still an option if financial concerns are the primary problem. Herein I see many connections to the capital punishment debate, but that's another can of worms.

Anyway, another news article that I don't think has been posted yet:

Adult Stem Cell Research Far Ahead of Embryonic

Feel free to discuss...

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