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"He was my father. Before he died, he spoke very often, and very fondly of you." Jaymes elaborated. "I was very young, but my mother suspected something. Did you know he was already married?"

"He was my father too, wasn't he?" Athra finally had the nerve to ask her mother, though saddened by the fact that she could never get to know him, and shocked to discover he was an adulterer. Her thoughts, however, were interrupted by Perdante falling to the floor. Immediately checking for a pulse, she stated, "She's dead."

"She deserved better than this." Ser Jaymes commented. "I hoped she could take Faren's place as the Kyng's Lieutenant."

Stormrise, Faren's Quarters

"You wished to speak to me, Faren?" Edanna Shran asked as she entered the dwarf's quarters.

"Yes. I've been informed that the Four have not only failed us, but they have been captured." Faren explained. "The Blue Knights?" Edanna inquired.

"Not on their own. They were aided by Ard Eagan's men." Faren pointed out. "I can see the problem. Eagan has considerable influence in the Kyng's Court. Others my follow his example." Edanna surmised.

"Unless we make an example of him. You care little for Seaguard, do you not?" Faren asked. "Of course, why?" Edanna replied.

"A Barinor such as Seaguard is so small, and unworthy of a woman such as yourself. Would you not prefer to be Ardess of Thunderkeep, especially if it means taking it from Ard Eagan by force?" Faren suggested.

"You know me too well, Faren." Edanna replied.

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