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Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
- Remove the slight camera pan before cutting to the close-up of Spiffy in the Scumm Bar.
Good point. Indeed, the panning doesn't serve a purpose anymore.
- If you notice, in the Scumm Bar close-ups the perspective we see Guybrush from takes into account his height in relation to the position of the patron he's talking to. With this in mind, making Guybrush kneel down (use his 'picking item up from floor' animation) just before cutting to the close-up of Spiffy would better match the close-up, since otherwise the dog is so small that Guybrush's leg should be what's visible in the close-up rather than his head.
The animation should be easy to implement. In the SE graphics, we see Guybrush's feet. I think, both can work, if the perspective is right.
- Is it possible to make the candles in the Scumm Bar kitchen flicker, as they did in the MI1 EGA demo (mentioned on this page)? If so, it might also be an idea to make the candles above the Three Important-Looking Pirates flicker too for consistency.
I'm aware of this. I'll ask SimSaw if we can do this with the current tools.
- Is it possible to combine each of the audio files of Fred (the fat Man of Moral Fiber) in pain with a sound effect of him being hit?
It's on my todo list.
- Don't remember if the SE did this, but using the ambient "music" track from the regular version of the docks on Mle as the default music on the close-up version (used when Fester tries to kill Guybrush/Elaine tries to save him/LeChuck kidnaps Elaine/Guybrush arrives back on Mle, etc.) would add consistency, as it'd mean whenever you're on the docks you'd be able to hear the ocean. Though I'd only recommend doing this if the the music which plays at some points in these scenes would still play at the correct points (e.g. the 'romance' music that comes in while talking with Elaine, or the cue that plays as LeChuck's ship sails off).
Should be possible. I'll consider it.
- When the Narrator is switched on, is it possible to make the voice file for the Voodoo Soup recipe in Part 2 only play the first time you look at it? I had to keep checking the recipe at various points to see which items to put in, and hearing the voice file every single time I checked it quickly got annoying.
You might just hit the "."-key to skip his text. Also, you really could just put everything in the pot. This is a foolproof recipe.
- I know the lines have not been recorded, but are there any voice files in MI1:SE or MI2:SE which would make an acceptable substitute for the un-voiced noises Guybrush makes when he's waking up after making the voodoo soup in Part 2? I'm thinking at least a couple of the more distressed-sounding noises he makes when failing to talk to Elaine earlier in the game might possibly be suitable.
I don't think that they exactly fit the mood. I'd rather not use any MI2:SE sounds, as this would make that game a requirement too, which would be overkill.
- While being punched across Mle by LeChuck, Guybrush doesn't scream as he flies through the air. This would be possible by combining the punch and scream sounds into a single unique sound used for this scene.
I suppose, I could do this.
- After defeating LeChuck, his body makes a water splashing sound when it collapses to the ground and disappears. Again, I haven't played the SE in a while - is this really the correct sound effect?
I once heard it in some version which had a sound here (most don't). I think, I'll change it to 100_Ghost_Die.wav, though.
Finally, I know this isn't currently a priority, but when this CD Talkie Edition officially reaches a 100% completed version, how easy would it be to modify it to create a version that removes any dialogue that has no corresponding voice files? I realise that the current version is intended as a "completist's version" of the game and that many people would not be interested in a slightly "inferior" version content-wise, but it'd be nice to also have a "fully-voiced" version to use to introduce people to the series without having to worry about missing lines of dialogue souring their experience.
I think, a separate version is a bit over the top. A boot param could be implemented to switch those scenes off. Would that serve your needs?
and maybe altering the game logic when haggling with Stan to use only values with corresponding audio (I think this was mentioned as an issue - I didn't actually encounter any un-voiced lines on my playthrough today, though).
There is a perfect system behind Stan's price ideas. There is no easy fix to cover all possible voice files. I could improve the coverage a lot by only allowing selecting 2000 as the first offer, though. This would eliminate any price ideas above 10000 at least (which all have no voice file), but also might seem strange to only have one option available at first.

And some news:
- I managed to convert MIDI to Adlib. Normally, I'd say, there is still room for tweaking, but unfortunately, I'd have to rewrite the tool to do so. I accidentally damaged some of them in progress. While they sound different to the floppy version, I think, they are quite listenable as I got them now. Due to a completely different sound engine in SCUMM V5, they probably never will sound exactly the same anyways. Hear for yourself in the upcoming version.
- The other lost is my tool to calculate the voice file offsets and create the voices.tbl file used by the build_monster tool. In order to support flac, mp3 and ogg vorbis, and without resampling, I need native file offsets included in that file, so the current version does not work anymore. I have to rewrite that tool.
- Anyway, a few more tweaks and bug fixes in the game are already done, and project credits will be added. The remaining sound problems in native DOS should be fixed too. A few sounds will remain only available in ScummVM, though, due to missing polyphony in native SCUMM V5.
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