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Jenna realized some things herself. Slowly she answered, "When he came to me with other young men, I didn't notice anything about him except his potential. So great it was that over other potentials I chose him." It was a good beginning to start with. "The first month required that he be cut off from everything familiar in order to better be in tune with his powers."

Jenna looked away for a moment not sure if she should say anything else but her daughter had asked her a question that needed to be answered. She had spent too many years wondering and regretting her decisions regarding the girl before her. She looked at her daughter and said, "We loved each other. When he left me, he left me with a gift."

At the sound of Perdante falling, Jenna huddled by Perdante's side. She knew that she was dead and she had hoped that she had the strength to tame Ychec and Makht. The journey had barely begun and already a companion was lost. She whispered in old Elvish a blessing of farewell before collecting the electrified weapons. They would have to be placed under safekeeping in a special vault or just the sheer power they radiated alone would affect innocents. She sheathed them and wrapped them in a special cloak which she strapped to her back.

She stood up looking at her companions, her daughter especially. She said, "She was a good warrior and could have been a Lieutenant and ruled after the king. We can still carry out that plan. If we unite, one of us can lay down the challenge."

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