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Another idea popped up, for which I could need help:
Are there any talented voice impersonators around here?
Since we have some missing lines for Carla, Guybrush, the narrator and Stan.
- Carly needs 3 lines added. Most important, the missing insult.
- For Guybrush, it is the stump joke and the noises he makes when lying on the kitchen floor on the Sea Monkey.
- The narrator should read "Deep in the Caribbean", "The Isle of Melee", to be consistent with other announced locations.
- Stan is missing a bunch of price ideas. If a talented Stan is found, I would make a list of all price ideas possible and order it to the missing ones. As I use sox as a tool, I also could splice just the new numbers into the original recording, if it turns out right. We would need the voice acting in any case, though.

Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
That would be even better actually; I didn't even consider you'd be able to make something like that a boot param.
One catch, though: While it is really just a command line parameter in ScummVM, it is not that simple to use in DOS. You have to enter debug mode in order to use it. Most SCUMM versions let you just enter a number on the command line, but the talkie enabled SCUMM V5 unfortunately doesn't.

The alternative would be a keyboard shortcut. How is that? On the downside, you would have to activate this mode after you started the game rather than immediately. Just like the narrator mode. On the other hand, if you change your mind, you could toggle it any time.
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