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Zen waited until the captain walked away to make a move. He had been cloaked in the shadows waiting for a chance to speak with Perdante. They way she acted back in the alley had confused Zen. Had she forgotten what Dominic had done for her? Even her words a few seconds ago confused him. She was a great warrior with a long path ahead of her and he would do his best to guide her.

Zen decloaked and stepped out of the shadows to make it look like he was just walking down a hallway. He didn’t want to get into another confrontation with Mica so he had to choose his words carefully. He stared at Perdante and in doing so thought of an idea. Though he did not like to lie it would be the only chance of speaking to her alone.

“My apologies Mica, but Juhani sent me to retrieve Perdante. She is in meditation and wishes for Perdante to join her.” He looked over at Perdante and nodded his head. "Pauel is in the first cell on the left, I'm sure you'll be able to handle him on your own." Zen added in.
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