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Alaire could do nothing but watch. It was amazing to see that the one that had probably been the strongest of the Kyngdom at one point, had been reduced to nothing and to deal one final blow on her unfortunate fate, she died before Alaire's eyes, not being able to fulfill her wish for justice.

"I think we owe it to her in some way. To bring Faren to justice. To expose him as the fraude that he is", Alaire said as she knelt beside Perdante's body. "Rest in peace warrior of justice. May your soul finally find the peace it deserves".

She had not uttered these words ever before. She had only heard such prayers from the elves that lived in her village. The one she had butchered and fed on it's souls.

"If you still want to carry out the original plan. I am with you all the way", Alaire said with the greatest conviction and determination she was able to muster.

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