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Post Want to help clean out spam? Apply now!

I've held off on appointing more admins for a while since there wasn't much point, but with the latest flurry of activity we're getting to a point where it really makes a lot of sense. Plus I don't want it to feel like there's one guy calling all the shots. And while I'm still staying for the foreseeable future, I like the idea that it can run without me for a while without going into anarchy (or too much of it, anyway).

So long story short, we're (or maybe I should say I'm) looking to appoint one or two more admins. Since a decision this important should ideally come from the community, that means I'm looking for you guys to suggest good candidates.

What does the ideal candidate look like? More than anything else, an admin should be someone you can trust to use his/her abilities appropriately and who won't let the power and status go to his/her head.
To help me get an impression of that, please comment on other candidates as well as on any you suggest yourself. If you get suggested, please mention if you're available. Also, while you can nominate yourself, there's a risk that it ends up biasing me and others against you.

By the by, admin responsibilities and abilities include the following (and maybe more that I can't remember right now):
  • Deal with spam, vandalism, edit-warring and trolling, using the Patrol, Rollback, Lock, Delete and Ban abilities where needed. Obviously regular users who spot spam or vandalism should do something about it too, but they don't have these special abilities.
  • Help keep the wiki clean by deleting duplicated and unused pictures, and pages that shouldn't really be there (but don't delete pages made in good faith without at least a bit of discussion first).
  • Tweak the interface and general appearance from time to time, and keep other permalocked pages up-to-date. (If we ever get to fully locking the main page and news section, that would be a prime example.)
  • Pull rank in hopelessly stuck debates. Do keep in mind that ideally this should never be needed and admins's opinions shouldn't be considered more important than other users's in debates.
Besides trustworthyness, important secondary qualities include things like knowing wiki code and being familiar with our style. Seniority (having been around and active for a while) is a plus too.

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