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Pauel glanced up at Mica, sadly and pityingly, as if he were the one with the strength, skill, and advantage at the moment. "Of course not," he replied. "You are blinded by arrogance, and such people are never impressed by the humble." He blinked, and discovered that the insides of his eyelids were itchy and watery. "I have known many like you in the course of the years of my wretched life. In fact, I was even one of them, before I gained the knowledge of the Truth."

He wished he could ask Mica for a glass of water, but he dared not. Instead, he smacked his parched lips and continued in that same, soft, level voice:

"I was violent and bold, ruthless and reckless like you. Once, I was mere mercenary scum, a blaster and vibroblade for hire by any slave trader or Hutt crime lord. I beat whomever needed to be beaten, bribed whomever needed bribing, and killed whomever needed to be killed. I obeyed my orders without question, just like you. In my former line of work, it didn't do to pry into the schemes and plans of others. If one did, one usually wound up dead."

The Apostle smiled. "However, one day I heard Khristoff preaching on Tatooine, in much the same manner as I came to preach on Nar Shaddaa. Instead of going on my way to amputate the legs of a degenerate gambler who owed my boss money, I stopped to hear him, enchanted by his voice and words. Khristoff said there was a higher way, a greater Truth than that of this world. Humility was what he preached, and sacrifice, and complete dedication. Selfishness was the bane of all mortal existence. I listened, and I believed."

He leaned forward. "You are about to turn a corner, young soldier. Either you will beat me to a bloody pulp in search of information on my Master, or else you will hear what I say at long last. It's your choice. What shall it be?"
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