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Mica looked at him silently for a moment longer, his expression unchanged and unchanging, before he suddenly hauled out and punched him hard across the face. The blow knocked the defenseless man backwards at such an angle that the chair tipped and crashed to the ground, spilling him onto the cold, unforgiving steel floor.

Turning around, Mica pulled the chair on his side away and slid the table down the room to jam it against the inward-sweeping door. His chair was next to join it, and then the soldier set himself to removing his uniform shirt, leaving him in just the white wife-beater undershirt he wore beneath.

"You think I act in thoughtless obedience to my superiors?" he asked, his back turned to the man in cuffs on the floor as he tossed his shirt on the table with his gloves. Turning around, he yanked the chair roughly from under the Apostle's sprawled form and threw it, skidding, to join its companion. With all obstacles out of the way, he advanced on the man. "You think that all I do is done out of pure loyalty?" he began to laugh as he kicked Pauel in the face. "You're just as gullible as all the others on this ship."
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