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Zen smiled down at Perdante as if she were one of his own. It was good to see she still accepted his guidance. Though he still felt it was odd how she reacted in that alley. Perhaps it had something to do with Mica working for Captain Starr and her wanting to be in her good favor again. Perhaps it had to do with Mica himself. Zen did not see Mica as a warrior for he showed no respect for others, not even those that fight with him.

He placed a hand on Perdante's shoulder and wiped the smile from his face.

"I am glad to hear you say this Perdante. I feel that you should avoid contact with Mica. He seems very aggressive and shows no respect for others."

With his concern about Mica out of the way he could try to help Perdante with controlling her emotions. He knew the Jedi were big on keeping them under control and not allowing them to show up in combat. He also knew the Perdante was once Sith and has not received the full training and apprentice would go though. He did view her as Sangheili...maybe he could teach her to fight like one too.

"Though I do think I have a solution to your problem. In our culture we too learn to not let emotions to control us, however we do learn to use them to our advantage. I think I can teach you to balance your emotions but also to use them in your strikes. You said you wished to get better in a certain form? I believe this would be the perfect time to try my idea out, if you are interested that is."
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