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"Again, I thank you--aaahh!" Perdante, strolling with Zen towards the Training Room on the Millennial, suddenly doubled over in pain, clutching her stomach. Kneeling down on the cold steel floor of the ship's corridors, she coughed and hacked, feeling the very breath being knocked out of her. The odd thing was that absolutely nothing and no one was touching her, assaulting her. She shut her eyes tight against an agonizing wave of heat and tears, and the Jedi Knight felt as if her teeth were being knocked right out of their sockets. What in space was going on?! Then, just as suddenly as the attack had started, it stopped! It was extinguished, snuffed out, like a light or an archaic candle. It was as if nothing had happened, or was done happening.

Something clicked into place in the former Sith Initiate's mind. Without another word, she stood up, whirled around, and practically dragged Zen by the arm toward the cockpit of the Millennial. How many times had she felt those familiar sensations in the Force, that meant one of her rivals' lives was being ended before its time? She knew that someone had perished, and more specifically, had been slain. Thus, she stammered at Captain Starr:

"Someone died. I think it's Pauel in the Interrogation Room, and as far as I know, no other one of us has been exposed to such harm--ah, the pain!" She wiped away a tear from the corner of her eye. "I felt it through the Force. As a Jedi, and a former Sith, I can sense it. There's no time to lose..."
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