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Fara could only blink for a moment at the two additions to the bridge crew. The surprise of even seeing them here, let alone breathless with exertion, prevented her from understanding what it was that they were talking about for quite a while. Then, she replayed Perdante's words in her head and came to an understanding just as Zen asked his question. She turned to look at the alien, still blinking.

"No, of course not." she said, acting almost as though she were the one insulted by such implications. "Mica has some of the best self-control that I've ever seen. His temper can flare, admittedly, but he's never violent."

Nevertheless...the ashen look on the Jedi woman's face caused a sense of foreboding to steal over Fara, and she turned to one of the bridge techs.

"Patterson," she said, "Check the logs to see if any emergency personal have been mobilized."

A few beeps and a moment later, Patterson turned to look at her. "Ma'am, there has. A crash cart was just deployed to the detention level."

And then Fara's face went ashen as well. "Very well," she said, turning again to the two. "Come along, smartly now." And off they went.
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