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KOTOR 2 - Intergalactic Reunification (spoiler)

I am playing a dark side character and although it seems I have completed the Intergalactic Reunification quest in Nar Shadaa, the log won't go away.

Here is what happened:

1. I found Lootra in the Docks and after he threatened me, I just killed him. I did not start any dialogue about his missing wife (as a DS character, I didn't care). I then got the lightsaber part from his body.

2. I found Aaida second in the Refugee quarter and after talk of her husband, I told her I had seen him. She asked where he was and I chose the [Lie] option and said the path was clear of Exchange guards and she left.

Now, the quest log simply says "You tricked Aaida and lied to her about the Exchange thugs, resulting in her death"

Is there anything I need to do have the quest flagged completed?
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