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Originally Posted by LeChuck Norris View Post
The old and new version of the dock.
Nice work.
Is it possible to put different tracks for different places in the next version of your project? And if so, can you show me the way to make this by miself?
You can easily define new SOUN resources for CD tracks. It is documented here:
Of course, you need to alter the scripts to play those you need too.
Currently, sound 179 and up are free to use. Unless I decide to implement some more sounds. I probably won't though, unless it needs to be played while the screen is scrolling, which isn't possible with monster.sou
Don't know if it's your intention to fix every single issue in the game, so...
I don't think that I'm going to fix every architectural issue. Believable connectivity was never their strength it seems. I mainly fix obvious bugs.
About this shipdeck, I was just playing around and it tourned pretty cool, so I decided to keep it.
Nice, but on second thought, not really in the scope of my intention. I always thought, that the dock felt too empty at the beginning. But including the ships has the opposite effect when all pirates are gone. Then it suddenly feels too cluttered.
I would consider implementing it, if I could have a version without the ships too, but with the dock in the background still there. I would prefer to keep the original Scumm Bar, though.
We could reuse the sunset object for the ships, which is still there, but not used.
3) And I found a issue in this version. A voice without a subtitle in the store.
Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, another script bug present in every single version of the game. I already fixed a very similar issue in the circus. It's the kind, which only gets noticed when voiced.
Btw. you don't have to make a video for bugs when they are reliable reproducible. Just note which line doesn't work properly would do.
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