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The Secret of Monkey Island - Ultimate Talkie Edition Project V0.9 beta:

- Ultimate Talkie Edition Project credits added.
- Adlib Soundtrack added.
- FLAC and Ogg Vorbis support for highest quality in ScummVM.
- Removed the panning when talking to Spiffy in closeup modes, since it doesn't serve a purpose here.
- Ram leak when interrupting playing sounds. (v0.6 beta)
- "<ADVERTISEMENT>" broken when stump joke or death joke was presented first. (v0.8 beta)
- Using alt-w causes a script error during the intro sequence. (v0.8 beta)
- Scumm Bar does not scroll after going through all Spiffy dialog. (v0.5 beta)
- Voodoo antiroot crate requires the tools when opening it again. (all versions)
- Voodoo antiroot crate comment "I don't see anything special about it. Except that big glowing voodoo antiroot inside.", even if Guybrush already grabbed it. (all versions)
- Improved cauldron colors in the voodoo shop. (all VGA versions)
- Storekeeper's comment on Guybrush pretending to wait tables. (all versions).
- Estevan's eye colors. Now it looks like a glas eye again. (enhanced CD)
- Estevan's fear eye animation. (all VGA versions)
- Candles at Stan's not animated. (all versions)
- Candles in the Scumm Bar kitchen are now animated as they were in the demo.
- Swordmaster invisible after showing the kidnapper's note. (v0.5 beta)
- More sound tweaking: Jail doors and chests included. And it should run fine in DOS now.
- Some more ambient tracks.
- Punch sound added to Men of Low Moral Fiber.
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