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yes ASTOR thanks very much for mi defence. In reply to THERAWSTER nonsense claims . The original was just raw files in a RAR . i made it into an "idiot proof" CLIKINSTALLER inside a RAR so its easier to install for anyone rather than manual file manouevres which sum mite struggle with.. RAPIDSHARE i find is better than FILEFRONT personally ive learnd thru xperience.
SO to recap it is NOT the exact same (it is foolproof install)
it is NOT a scam to make money . You DONT make money from rapidshare downloads total rubbish.. im guessing with that level of unfounded paranoia youre not BRITISH !
Also i may remind you to make money from any mods of RC is ilegal and would leav me open to court case from LUCASARTS.
AT best LA might like a mod someone has made and give them some money for making it to use it themselves. but thats not even a guarantee.. if you read the small print when you install youll see all that..
Maybe youll find that SKIPs DLOAD is the 1 i made . i dont know myself but i made it with him in mind . i know skip
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