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I had no idea that this "CD Talkie Edition" project was actually a "Deluxe Edition" project. Wow!

Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
Indeed, cutting the shoe any further looks silly. The Guybrush custom sprite is too small to cut out a higher part if his body, despite the HD nature. The alternative would be just using the dog without any part of Guybrush.
How about this:
I reckon this would work wonderfully... but I have to ask -- what's with the orange background? Spiffy was always supposed to be seen against a black background. Just my 2c.

As for the more fixes: There's a bug that was introduced in the CD version that's ALWAYS irritated me, but has never been fixed. Guybrush should only progress through his "It's always 10 O'Clock" lines when he's left the clock screen and come back. You can see this on every version of the game apart from the CD one. It completely ruins the joke and I'd love to see it fixed!

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