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Perdante Dareva's thin eyebrow furrowed. Pauel might have taken quite a beating back at Geeda's Cantina, thanks to Zen and his Sangheili warrior prowess, but something in Mica's eyes and face unnerved her. Mere fright, or possible guilt? Every Republic soldier I've ever known has faced battle bravely, including the aftermath. It seems rather out of character for Mica to be so scared after Pauel's sudden death. Surely he's killed people before--but maybe not in this fashion. Whatever the case may be, I don't trust the situation here. She turned to Mica, gazing into his eyes and sensing only anxiety.

"I'm not sure about all this," she said. "Maybe the ostanovium finally got to him. He's got to have tons of it embedded in his skin and bloodstream, and your communication skills might have been a little too much for Pauel's system. Whatever the case may be, I'm dying to see what the autopsy report says."
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