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Originally Posted by ThunderPeel2001 View Post
Some interesting changes. I do wonder if some of the changes were deliberate by the gamemakers, though. The "the basic theory is fine" line seems ripe for cutting, as it doesn't add anything.
Of course, if they had any intention to remove that line, they'd probably just done that, instead of leaving it in a buggy script.
Originally Posted by ThunderPeel2001 View Post
Did you re-add the "Looks kind of like an emaciated Charles Atlas" line? (They was cut for legal reasons?)
I considered it, but I didn't. After all, it was removed for legal reasons indeed.
I should add the script back without that line though. That would be at least useful for the German version, which had an unproblematic line here.

And for playing with no voice, it is possible the same way it is in Fate of Atlantis, since it is the exact same SCUMM engine. However, the original game has some moving or flashing subtitles. Those effects had to be removed in order to make it work properly. Also several sound effects won't play with voice acting turned off.
Sorry for those inconveniences. Maintaining silent playing really was not a priority, since adding voice was the whole point to begin with.
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