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((THREADMASTER: I'm finishing Counterplay so we can start the REAL "Check and Mate", the events of which take place immediately after this post.))


"Dominic and Arai, then," responded Perdante slowly. "They're our only link to Khristoff now, since Pauel has met an untimely end. I'm sorry he died, but I'm definitely not sorry that we tried to capture him. After all, would the Apostle of the Found, and Khristoff's right-hand man, have told us where his master was otherwise? I don't think so. He was our enemy, and now our enemy is of no value." She abruptly shivered. I sound like a Sith! "Anyway, I suggest we set a course for wherever Dominic and Arai are going. If we don't follow them, we're never going to find any answers to this mystery or defeat Khristoff once and for all. Onward, and may the Force be with us!"

Perdante stretched out her arm toward the middle of the interrogation room, and soon the others pressed their hands on top of hers. Win or lose, there was a corpse fast becoming cold, and neither the Jedi, nor the Sangheili, nor the Republic Captain and soldier would let his sacrifice be in vain...

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