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Thanks for you comments V. Melkalis, your point of view is appreciated. You're actually the first person (in the time we've spent making the project) that has voiced such a concern. But, I can appreciate your point of view.

Loom's ending was cataclysmic, absolutely, The possibility for the end of the world effectively. Still, I find it hard to imagine that it was Brian Moriarty's intention to have the Theme of LOOM as a parable of an inescapable apocalypse.

The Teams perspective of LOOM, is simply that the story of FORGE and FOLD deserve to be told. It is known that sequels we're planned, and it's easy to assume based on that, the ending of LOOM was only part of a global story arc. While a cliffhanger ending could be likened to a Greek tragedy where the cataclysm is a lifes-sesson in disguise, we prefer to see it at face value; An unfinished story, that a small group of loyal fans want to see come alive and end properly.

Think of it as visual fanfiction if it helps you.. Everyone loves fan-fiction. - Quill o' the Wisp
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