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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Ultimate Talkie Edition Projekt

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Ultimate Talkie Edition Projekt
(Monkey2 Classic with Special Edition Voices)

*Help wanted!*

Known Problems:
  • Sometimes, the wrong sample plays right after opening/closing Stan's coffin.
  • The game may hang if trying to open the coffin after nailed shut.

Feel free to be a beta tester:

The Ultimate Talkie Edition Builder:


Q: What is the aim of this project?
A: The aim is to put the voices from the Special Edition into the original PC version of the game, like a classic talkie release (like DotT, Fate, etc.).

Q: Will you be able to make it so the music files can be replaced by the special edition versions?
A: No. This is impossible to do with SCUMM V5 as it is. This would require a complete rewrite of the music engine, which is not in the scope of this project.

Q: Are you including the narrator's lines?
A: The narrator will be available, but you can turn him off, if you don't like him.

Q: What help is needed?
A: Beta testing. Feel free to download, play and report any issues.

Q: Will this work for people who don't have the Special Edition?
A: No. You will need the Special Edition game in order to access the voice files. For legal reasons we cannot distribute the voice files (or any other game files).

Q: Will this work for people who don't have the DOS version?
A: Yes. There is a complete copy of the required game data files inside the SE files, which can be easily extracted.

Q: If I use the game files embedded in the Special Edition, will the SE bugs be present?
A: No. The bugs in the Special Edition Classic Mode come from the new interpreter, not the actual data files.

Q: Since it's for the DOS version, will it actually run in DOS?
A: You can play it on a DOS machine, with DOSBox or with ScummVM.

Q: Do you have any other features planned (like "fixing" the VGA version, etc.)?
A: Of course. Like it was done in the MI1 Ultimate Talkie Edition too. Fortunately, MI2 has much less bugs, though, since it wasn't ported so much.

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