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Version v1.0 release candidate 1:

Improvements in this version:
- "Raff." with a Guybrush sample when the dog is talking. (v0.5 beta)
- Low volume in DOS. Now it starts with the same default volume the original game had. In addition to that, your adjusted volume can be saved to monkey.cfg. (v0.5 beta)
- Subtitle mode toggle added.
- Title sequence now uses iMuse for beat matching instead of inaccurate timers. (v0.5 beta)
- Dialog option "You say you got a key from the locals?" did appear only if Guybrush did NOT learn about the key. Now it is the other way around. (all versions)
- Dialog option "You're the only one on the island?" was availabe instead of "So you're not the only one on the island?" under some circumstances, even when he just told about the key he got from the locals. (all versions)
- Stan did say "Inflation works in the other direction, you know." when you offer the same amount twice, even if your previous offer was less. (all versions)
- Stan had no voice for many possible values. This is now fixed for anything up to 10950 pieces of eight. (Special Edition)
- The porthole defogger now is actually worth something. (all versions)
- It was possible to burn the feather pen and get stuck. (all versions)

The modified ScummVM source:
This minor modification was required for two reasons:
- Better support the options menu, since orignal ScummVM assumes that the enhanced CD has neither MIDI nor voice acting.
- Even worse, original ScummVM refuses to use the string save feature, unless it is an Indiana Jones game. I use this feature to save the preferences (Spiffy mode, narator mode and subtitle mode).
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