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Originally Posted by questinghero View Post
Is this going to be pushed to the main ScummVM? I only ask because I have been playing this patch on the Wii, and if I have to use this patch (as it is right now), I will not be able to do that.
This is yet to be discussed with the ScummVM team. Unfortunately, they give very little priority to fan patches. So don't expect it to be there in the near future.
Of course, anyone able to compile ScummVM for further systems is welcomed to post it here.

Of course, you might try official builds. Sometimes, older versions might work. If it does, you would only miss on those two things mentioned above. The game should still run fine otherwise.

In case you're thinking of tricking ScummVM to believe it is running Indy4 by renaming the files (yes, the game does start then), this has one catch: Savegames don't work this way.
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