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Sal listened as he sat down, looking with concern upon the woman that he had grown so fond of recently. He wasn't about to go confessing his love to her - he had only just met her, for Force's sake - but he definitely wasn't going to allow her to go on feeling so miserable. He didn't begin to eat just yet, but looked at her instead.

"You might be a Jedi," he said quietly, "But you are only human. We're incredibly emotional things, and if you have to cry, there really is no stopping it. So don't beat yourself up; it isn't your fault.

"And I can see why you would be so upset over Pauel especially." Now he allowed himself a quick drink from his glass, and he settled more comfortably into his seat, his hands on the table. "I a way, he was you. A Republic and Jedi enemy, captured by a Jedi, and brought to the Republic. That Pauel died, while you were redeemed..." He fell quiet and dropped his eyes, suddenly getting the sense that he might not have been helping by saying what he was. With a sigh, he gave her a little, sad smile.

"It'll be okay, Perd. We're locked onto Mica's tracer, and the signal is strong. We're going to find Khristoff, and make certain that his weapon never hurts anyone ever again."
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